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Hi and welcome to my trade page. I have been collecting live music in one form or another for over 25 years. I filmed my first show in 1991 & have done shows off and on since. I am friends with most of the areas other main filmers & have authored and released hundreds of shows to the community under the names "Damage Inc. Master Series" & "Damage Inc. Classic Series".

Here are my rules:
1. If you contact me you will need to send first.
2. Quality media. If they are not on a decent blank they will go in the garbage. I will not send them back or send my half of the trade until the problem is corrected.
3. Don't write on the discs. This is a common rule most traders follow but I still continued to receive discs with writing on them. See rule 2.
4. I only trade via snail mail.
5. If you ask for a DL (Dual Layer) disc from me & have nothing I need or want in return on a DL I will require 3 regular dvd's in return. You are still getting a good deal. I would rather just trade DL for DL disc when possible and will go out of my way to find something to take in return.
6. Please don't send a list of shows you want info on. What I have on the site will have to do. I don't have time to pull 8 shows to send you what the running time of each show is.
7. Don't send lists of requests before we even agree to trade. Especially without sending your own list. This just ends up being a waste of time for both of us. And it also signals a high maintenance trader which I try and avoid.

8. All discs must be made on a PC. No SA > SA recording will be accepted. Send me shows this way & I will expect to get a new pick. This is an old common sense rule that some still can't figure out. By doing this or passing on shows like this you are downgrading the quality.

Shows are listed by Artist, Date, Location, Venue, Amount of discs (DL=Dual Layer), Generation (DVDM=Master, DVD1=1st, etc), How it is authored with the key being SA=Stand Alone, PC=PC authored fully,BA=Basic authored (usually meaning someone added a main menu on it but didn't bother to index songs or didn't give song titles. To me these are pretty much the same as a SA.), Lastly any comments I may have on the show.

Shows in RED are not for trade. There are reasons for this. Please quit asking because if you do you will not get a response. They are not being hoarded like all the new tapers think is necessary. I author shows for a lot of people and when they give me the okay & are trade-able they will be in black like the rest of my list. I had given out a few in the past and all it did was come back to bite me in the ass because people are untrustworthy.

Site updated November 7, 2017

Trading Status:Open